Date 23: Jupiter’s Pizza

Seems like all of the food dates got pulled in a row!  There were only maybe 5 dinner dates, tops, and they seem to have all been picked in a row practically!

Date 23 sent us to Jupiter’s for pizza!  Jupiter’s is another local place.  Their original location is more of a bar atmosphere in downtown Champaign, and their newer location is HUGE, and is more family-friendly.  At their newer location they have a large dining area on the main floor, along with a game room in the basement, and a huge banquet-style room upstairs.  I haven’t ever been, but I did see signs that they also have comedy on Thursday nights at this location.  Our favorite thing at Jupiter’s though is one of their speciality pizzas–the Special K pizza.  It’s got a cream sauce, mozzerella, sausage, mushrooms, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes (but we hold the tomatoes & add feta, it’s so good!)

Eddie was very happy with our Jupiter’s date!  Though we didn’t play in the game room while there, we did head somewhere else for a game-room date, entry soon-to-come!

Eddie was pleased with his selection!


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