Date 22: Merry Ann’s Diner

If you’re from the Champaign area, odds are that you’ve had a late night meal at Merry Ann’s Diner (I prefer the original location, but that’s just me!).  This is one of the classic old-style diners that has greasy spoon written all over it–but in a good way.  No, a great way!

Merry Ann’s holds special meaning for Eddie and I because it was actually the location of our first meeting!  For those that aren’t aware, Eddie and I actually met on myspace.  We talked online for a few days, then decided to meet up for coffee at Merry Ann’s.  We spent a couple hours just talking and getting to know each other.  While we were dating, we spent many middles of the night at Merry Ann’s for a late-night dinner after his 2nd shift job ended.  We also went to Merry Ann’s on our wedding night after our reception & our post-reception reception at Esquire.  What can I say, there’s nothing like a diner stack in your wedding dress.  There’s also nothing like falling asleep propped against the newspaper stand outside Merry Ann’s in a wedding dress… but that’s another story.

Speaking of diner stacks… that’s exactly what we indulged in on this date.  For those that are unaware, the diner stack is THE food to get at Merry Ann’s.  It’s so delicious, though it doesn’t look that appetizing.  Trust me though, it is. 

You start with a biscuit, top with hashbrowns, sausage patties, cheese, eggs, and sausage gravy. It's heaven on a plate. Or a heart attack. Fine line.

Oh Merry Ann’s, why can’t you be more WW friendly?  It’s worth it once in a great while though to save up all my flex points to indulge in one of these bad boys.  Yum.


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