Date 21: Dos Reales

I’m playing catch-up with our dates, so we didn’t necessarily do all these in order, or all at once… but recently Eddie drew from the date jar: Margaritas & Mexican and we headed to our FAVORITE mexican restaurant in Champaign, Dos Reales. 

We hadn’t been in a really long time, as we’ve been watching what we eat with Weight Watchers (see my journey at ), but we treated ourselves to Dos, and boy was it worth it!  This place always has a full parking lot, and with good reason–it’s delicious!  But don’t take my word for it… see for yourself!

We started out with margaritas on the rocks, chips & salsa, and some cheesy/bean dip! Yum!

My favorite meal of theirs is the fajita quesadilla.  Eddie loves this as well… I go with shrimp & he goes with steak.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Well worth the points!

Another great thing about mexican food?  It’s usually relatively inexpensive!  We each had a giant margarita, our entrees, and our appetizer… and we walked outta there spending less than $30 total, including tip.  (Would have been half that if we had skipped the giant margaritas… but hey, it was date night!)


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