Date 20: Movie Time

The final installment of our Friday night triple date was to head to the theater to see a movie of Eddie’s choice.  He’s been talking about wanting to see The Green Hornet when it came out, though I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in it… however, I’m a good wife who makes sacrifices for date night, so off we went to see the movie, in 3D, no less!

Movies in our area aren’t super outrageous, unless you see a 3D movie, then they add $2.50 per ticket!  Total cost for our tickets were around $20.  We also have a frequent movie-goer card, which earns us rewards every time we purchase tickets, for free concession items!

All in all, Eddie enjoyed the movie… and I fell asleep… what can I say, the dark 3D glasses, combined with a boy-movie, did me in!  Eddie says our next movie can be a chick flick.  Good husband.

Cheap Date Tip: Look into loyalty programs for businesses & restaurants in your area.  If you sign up for rewards cards or email newsletters, you can get some good freebies and discounts!


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