Date 19: Esquire

We combined our cupcake date with another date that Eddie drew.  The original plan was to head to Esquire (right next door to Cakes on Walnut!) to play some pool, but on a Friday night, it was pretty busy, and no pool tables were available.  This is a place that holds some significance for Eddie and I, as we spent Valentine’s Day 2008 here playing pool & flirting with one another, before we were officially a couple.  This was always the watering hole of our choice when we lived in Champaign & also went here after our wedding reception for some beverages & fun with friends.

Guess we’re getting old though, because hanging out in a crowded bar to have a drink wasn’t exactly a whole lot of fun (or very good for conversation, considering the volume level), so we had our one drink & headed out to date #3.  Cost of our time at Esquire: $5.00

Maybe we’ll try the pool thing on a less busy evening!

Leaving Esquire to head out to part 3 of our triple date!


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