Date 18: Cakes on Walnut

Eddie and I are still trying to catch up from several missed weeks in November & December, so Friday night we went on a triple date!  Our first stop was Cakes on Walnut in Champaign for a little dessert.  My favorite cupcake of theirs is red velvet, but on a Friday night, their selection was kind of limited… and didn’t include Red Velvet:(

They offer small cupcakes (the ones closest in this picture) and large cupcakes, then they also offer a box option of mini cupcakes.

Considering that Eddie and I are doing Weight Watchers (see our progress at ) we opted for a small cupcake each, and went with Cookies n Cream.

The atmosphere in here is great.  It’s small, but not too small, and it’s always decorated in a unique way, usually for whatever holiday is upcoming (they had very cute Valentine’s decorations up).  Not only do they have cupcakes, but they also have drinks & ice cream, but we just went for the cupcakes that night.  We enjoyed our dessert and conversation for a mere $5.38!

Because it doesn’t take long to consume a small cupcake, we paired this date with another in the area… check out Date 19 for the details on that one!


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