Date 17: Humane Society

Our 17th date was a freebie: Head to the Humane Society to visit the animals!

Visiting the Champaign County Humane Society in Urbana, IL is something that Eddie and I have enjoyed doing for as long as I can remember, but it’s still something special to do, so was a fun date.  It’s free, as long as you don’t find any new little friends to take home… which Eddie almost did this time! 

As we were walking in, we saw a volunteer walking a dog… a German Shepherd, to be exact.  Eddie loves them, and our dog, Dora, is half Shepherd.  This dog that was being walked was much bigger than Dora, however, at about 90 pounds!  He was a handsome dog though & Eddie wanted to play with him for a little while.

Kobi was a very friendly dog.  He knew how to sit and shake and was eager to please!  As you can see, he had recently undergone a little surgery, so had the “cone of shame” on! 

Happy Kobi!

Eddie went to talk to the staff to find out more about him, in hopes that I would fall in love with him too, I think.  But, one must be rational, and two dogs and three cats is just far too many legs in our household at one time!

I’m sure Kobi has found a great home though, with lots of room for him to play!

Going to the humane society is always a fun place, even if you aren’t looking for an animal to take home.  There are so many animals, some of which may have been there for months, and to be able to give them a little one on one attention and make them feel loved for a few minutes makes me feel really good!  Every animal I’ve owned as an adult has come from a shelter, and I encourage others to look for a four-legged friend there too!

Cheap Date Tip: Volunteering your time to help others can be a “date” too!  Spending quality time with your loved one is really all that you need to classify something as a date, so spend it doing some good!  We choose to socialize animals, but the options are endless in your community!


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