Date 16: Thrift Store Date

Our assignment for date 16 was to head to the thrift store and explore, then find something fun to entertain ourselves with.  This one was a challenge, because we decided to do it on New Year’s Day, which meant that The Salvation Army thrift store was closed (and they always have good finds between their two locations!).  We headed to Goodwill though and were happy to find them open!

Our Goodwill used to be kinda ghetto but they recently moved locations and this new one is really really nice!

We browsed for a little while and then headed to the puzzle and game section, which was really large!  We ended up finding Battle of the Sexes that was just like new, as well as Trivial Pursuit, the SNL edition w/DVD questions that was still in the original shrink wrap packaging!  They each had a price tag of $2.96, so we figured we’d get each of those–$6 for a couple games to play at home seemed really reasonable!  So imagine our surprise when we went to check out and all toys & games were 50% off!  We got both games for a grand total of $3.22!

Playing battle of the sexes was extremely funny because Eddie’s answers for some of the female questions were hysterical… so much that I was in tears with laughter!  But as it turns out, we were not the experts on SNL that we thought we were… that game was hard!  It’s still a really great find for only $1.50 though!  These games gave us several hours of entertainment, and at a price that definately makes for a cheap date!

Cheap Date Tip: Thrift stores can be an amazing source for all kinds of things, date night-related or not!  Even just spending a couple hours browsing them with your date can count as quality time well-spent… who knows what kind of treasures you might find!


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