Date 14: Paint Pottery

On Friday, Eddie and I went on another of our dates, this time to a paint your own pottery studio.  I used to frequent one of these all the time in Bloomington when I was in college and enjoyed it so much, but I haven’t been in years.  There is one in Champaign, called The Pottery Place, but we’d never been to it.  In fact, I kind of doubted Eddie would be very interested in doing something like that, but he was pretty open to the idea when he drew this date, so that was exciting for me!

We headed there and there was only one other group painting.  We picked our pieces–Eddie chose a ceramic dog that resembled our dog, and I chose a cupcake box.  It was nice and quiet and peaceful for painting!

Our pottery before we painted

However, apparently everyone in town with small children was just waiting for Eddie and I to arrive before they got there, because in the span of about 20 minutes, about a dozen children under 5 arrived with their families.  It was a mad house.  And our peace and quiet was no longer.  Despite the lack of concentration, we powered through and spent about 2 1/2 hours planning our designs and painting.

Despite the crazy children, the experience of painting our pottery was pretty enjoyable for both of us–even Eddie loved it!  For those that have never been to a place like this, how it works is that you go in & browse their selection of pottery for purchase.  They have pieces from about $10 and up.  You can paint as many as you want to purchase, then you also pay a small studio fee to use all of their supplies.  The studio fee at The Pottery Place is $7, and that includes the clear glaze that they put on your pottery after you paint it, as well as the firing of your piece.  When you’re done with your piece, you leave it there, and in about 4 days you pick up your finished product! 

These are what our pieces looked like before firing them!

Our pieces won’t be available for pickup until Tuesday, but I’ll add a picture of our completely finished products then.  The cost breakdown was $10 for my piece, $10 for Eddie’s piece, and then $14 total for our studio fees.  With tax, it was $35 and some change.  This would definately be something we’d do again in the future.  As I mentioned before, you pay a studio fee to use their materials, but if you wanted to purchase 2 or 3 pieces to paint in one sitting, you could do that, then only pay 1 studio fee.  That’s something I used to do  was spend a whole day at the studio painting pottery… it’s so relaxing–well, as long as there’s no screaming children involved.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy Eades
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 22:18:36

    Another thing for me to check out! I think I’d have a great time with this. I used to paint ceramics all the time, but I’m sure the pottery would turn out nicer.


  2. Cheryl Reeley
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 03:44:03

    We have been there too! Its so fun! Josh really enjoyed it too, I think… My sister in law won a gift card for $25 and gave it to us because she knew she would never use. I can’t wait to get back there soon!


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