Date 13: Go to a psychic for fun

Another old date that I never got around to posting was our date when we went to a psychic for fun.  Eddie had been talking about wanting to do it practically since we met, but we never actually took the time to find a place to go.  As it turns out, there is a place in Urbana called Beads & Botanicals that sells a number of things–beads, stones, jewelry, artwork, etc, and they also happen to have someone on their staff that specializes in reading tarot cards.  Now, let me just say that going into it, I was very skeptical about the whole process & was not going to take much of what they said for a whole lot of seriousness.  We were just doing it for fun, to see what she would say.

This was one of our more pricey dates, at $20 for 20 minutes–per person.  However, this was something Eddie had wanted to do for awhile, so it’s worth it every now and then to pay a little more for something that’s a little bit different.  Eddie went back there first and I looked around the store while he had his reading done.

Some of the beautiful artwork at Beads & Botanicals

Jewelry on display. The window you can see is for the room that the reading was done in.

After Eddie had his reading done, I went back there.  After laying the cards down on the table, the first thing she said was “oh, you like to be the boss!” which is pretty much dead on, if you know me well:)  Some of the other stuff that she told to both Eddie and I could have been true also, but sometimes things are stated generally, that they could apply to a number of things (for example “there is some conflict with a male figure in your life”–well that could be true for anyone!).  At any rate though, it was fun, and the woman encouraged us to take as much from it as we chose to.  It was something different, although a little pricey, but it wouldn’t be bad to do every couple of years, just to see what she’d say.

This place also has a monthly (I think) “psychic fair” where they bring in other people who do readings other than just tarot card, so if you’ve ever considered doing something like that for fun, check them out-though they do recommend an appointment!


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