Week 8

Despite the fact that I was on-call for work this weekend, Eddie and I decided to risk me getting a call-out and head on Week 8’s date: Grab your balls, we’re going bowling!

We invited my mother-in-law to come along and join in our bowling fun, and we all had a great time!  Eddie won our first game, by just two points… and I may have come in third.  But I redeemed myself our second game and beat everyone by like 60 points!

The funniest part part of the whole bowling trip was when my mother-in-law accidentally lost grip on the ball & it flew backwards!  We laughed so hard we cried!

Eddie has bad knees, so he can’t bowl for long, but his upper body strength allows him to throw the ball so hard down the lane that you’d think there’s a hole in the back wall behind our lane! 

Despite the fact that I bowled on a league once a few years ago, I am not actually very good at bowling, at all.  I actually had a really good second game, but that’s not really saying much, considering my score was like 150!  It was fun though!  I managed to get 2 strikes in a row my second game too, and would have had 3 if Eddie hadn’t foiled my plans by distracting me while I bowled!

All in all, we had a fun afternoon, and while bowling is generally pretty inexpensive in our area ($2 shoe rental & $4 games), it ended up being even cheaper for us, because Eddie’s mom surprised us and treated us to our games! 

*Oh, another highlight of our bowling experience was the man with his two young children bowling next to us.  The son had to be no more than 4 years old and he threw the ball once & only knocked like 1 pin down and yelled “OH SHIT”.  I’m sure his dad was proud.


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