Week 7

Week seven’s date had to be observed a little later than usual, due to a weekend trip to Wisconsin to visit our new neice, who is pretty stinking cute…. however, tonight we were finally able to celebrate our week 7 date, which was Head to the hobby store & get supplies to paint pictures of one another!

Now let me just say that Eddie was pretty skeptical about this one… arts and crafts aren’t exactly his thing, but I emphasized that it wasn’t about the quality of his finished product that counted, it was about spending time together & having fun.  So, tonight after dinner we turned off the TV, turned on some music, and got out our paint supplies!  I used to paint a lot for fun when I was a little younger, so I still had a shoebox full of paints & brushes, therefore the only thing we had to purchase for this date was canvas–at a whopping $3.30 total!

The plan was for Eddie to paint me & for me to paint a picture of Eddie… but after opening the shoebox of paint, we realized we didnt’ exactly have colors that would make for realistic portraits… so I told Eddie to think outside the box & make an abstract painting of me!  He did a lovely job & his creativity ended me up with this lovely portrait (my favorite part is my pink hair with dark pink lowlights!)

My initial idea for a painting of Eddie was to draw him by the ocean.  I have a photo from our honeymoon where he’s standing with the ocean in the background after seeing it for the first time… but I realized that I probably would not be able to replicate the photo as well as I had planned, so I went with a different idea… us on the beach watching the sun rise, which is also something we did together on our honeymoon.

Is our artwork the best?  No, but did we have fun?  Yes!  And the best part, Eddie said he wouldn’t mind painting again sometime!  He said it’d been probably 10 years since he’d painted, and it was fun to just be creative for the hell of it.  All in all, a fun, at-home date!

Cheap Date Tip of the WeekDate night doesn’t have to mean you go out and do something.  Sometimes a night at home doing something out of the ordinary can be just as fun and memorable as going out for a date!  Brainstorm some creative ideas for at-home dates, and of course, google is your friend for a wealth of creative date ideas!


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