Week 6

This week’s date was to a place I’ve gone to since I was a child–Curtis Apple Orchard!

This time of year is great, not only because the weather cools off, but because the apple orchard is booming with tons of different varieties of apples, and they’ve also got a pumpkin patch to check out!  I had hoped to take more pictures, but the battery on my camera died mid-date, so I’ve only got a couple.

When we arrived, we parked and headed up the “yellow brick road” towards the orchard.  We were greeted by several kittens that roam the property.  They’re super friendly and cute!  There are a lot of attractions for kids there, like a playground, maze, and mini-golf, but there’s also stuff that big kids like too:)  Including an area where you can pet & feed goats!

After visiting the goats, we headed to the country store & cafe, as you have to walk through there to get to the orchard.  While walking through the store, we had the opportunity to sample any variety of apple we wanted.  We found out we really enjoy the Empire apple, which I’d never had, and I’m not really a big fan of a japanese variety called Mutsu, I believe.  Of course Honeycrisp is always a big favorite too.  After sampling, we were going to head to the orchard to pick our own apples, but there was a HUGE group of teenagers visiting, and it was a little chaotic.  We decided just to purchase pre-picked apples and avoid the crowded orchard.  We picked up a bag of Empire apples and a container of caramel to take home, but we had to have a treat while we were there too–an apple cider slush and an apple donut (SO GOOD!)

We took our snack and headed to the picnic table area.  I had to take a pitstop on this giant chair on the way… (you had to climb 3 stairs to even get into the chair!)

After our snack (and a visit from some more kittens), we headed home.  The orchard is always a fun (free) place to go on the fall.  On the weekends they have more attractions for kids, so there’s usually a lot of families there enjoying the place.  All in all, a great cheap date!  Admission/parking is free, and your only expense is if you want to take home some treats or have a snack!

Cheap Date Tip of the Week: Don’t forget about local treasures!  Support local businesses & attractions and spend some time enjoying whats in your own back yard!  Sometimes you don’t have to go far to have a unique, fun experience!


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  1. Natalie
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 06:45:28

    I love your blog!! These are great ideas. We’re doing a big group thing tomorrow night at a petting zoo and restaurant in a mining town. It should be fun!


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