Week 3

This week our date was Italiano!  Dinner at the Olive Garden!

In our date night jar, I only put 4 dates in that involved dinner at a restaurant… and Eddie picked one this week!  Even though the Olive Garden can sometimes be expensive, it doesn’t have to be!  We were fortunate enough to be going on this date during their promotional “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” event!  Bottomless bowls of pasta for only $8.95–you can’t beat that!  Even better, you get delicious breadsticks and soup or salad included in that price!

Eddie and I both went with delicious Orecchiette pasta with their new Creamy Parmesan Portabello sauce!  It was so delicious that I forgot to take a picture before mine was nearly devoured!

We were stuffed after only one bowl, so there was no need for a refill, even though we could have gotten one!  Our grand total for dinner was only $25!  And Eddie happened to like last week’s book store date so much, that after dinner, we went across the parking lot to Barnes & Noble & browsed books for a couple hours!  All in all, a successful, cheap date night!

Cheap Date Tip of the Week: Avoid the appetizer!  Getting an appetizer before the meal can add around $10 to your total at many restaurants!  Skipping that added cost will save you some money, especially at restaurants that offer you soup, salad, or bread with your meal for free!


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