Week 2

This week Eddie and I were seriously broke.  Like BAD broke.  Thankfully, he pulled a date from the jar that was pretty inexpensive: Book Store Date–Books & Coffee!

So the initial plan was to head to the book store, get some coffee from Starbucks, and browse the books.  It’s something we do from time to time, and it’s easy to spend a couple hours there without even realizing where the time has gone!  Our plan changed a bit throughout the night though, which was fine with us… we’re all about flexibility!  For starters, we realized we had a pretty good-sized jar of change that we could cash in to help with tonight’s date.  We ended up having over $30, just in change!

Along with the surprise money, I also got a great coupon in my email this week from Steak n’ Shake.  This is my birthday month, and lots of places will send you free stuff for your birthday if you sign up for email… they happened to send me a coupon for a free double steakburger and fries!  So we decided to add on dinner to our date–we’d only have to pay for Eddie’s meal, our drinks, and a tip… to the tune of $8!

As we were leaving SnS, we happened upon a car show happening just next door.  My husband loves classic cars, so we made another deviation from our planned portion of date night to check out the cars… they’re not really my thing, but I love to see him get excited about them.  And he got pretty excited, especially when he saw that someone had his dream car in the show–a 1968 Chevelle.  I had to wipe up the drool.

Eddie's Dream Car

After the car show (free!), we were finally off to the book store for our originally planned date!  Since we had some extra $$ from cashing in the change, we decided to not only get coffee drinks, but to get dessert as well.  We both got frappucinos (Mocha Toffee for me & Caramel for Eddie) and cupcakes (Red Velvet for me & Double Chocolate for Eddie).  It was a splurge at $14, but totally tasty & totally worth it!

After our tasty dessert, we browsed the books for a couple hours.  Eddie grabs a couple & I grab a couple, then we sit at a table & read & discuss.  I usually pick something about crafts and Eddie gets something more up his alley… like the “Complete Collection of Dirty Jokes” that he was reading tonight:)

Total cost of tonight’s date: $22

Cheap Date Tip(s) of the Week: Keep a change jar!  Our whole date was financed on change that had piled up around our house!  Also, sign up for email newsletters for any restaurant that you eat at!  Not only will you often get coupons for discounted meals or free stuff, but most of them send you deals for your birthday! 


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