Week 1

The first coupon Eddie drew from the jar was Homecooked Candlelit Dinner.

Over the summer, I worked at a camp for a week, and the night I returned, he made me a lovely dinner at home and we ate by candlelight… so, I decided to steal that idea for our date jar!

I marinated chicken breasts in a tropical marinade, then baked it, made mashed potatoes, and made corn.  I also decided to pick up a bottle of wine (on sale!) and I had to pick up a couple candles.  The only out of pocket costs for me were the wine & candles.  Everything else, we had in the house!  Eddie also had made a mix of music on the ipod for my homecoming dinner over the summer, so we plugged that into the stereo & had our candlelit dinner while listening to a bunch of “our” songs.


Total cost Out of Pocket $5.75.  ($5.00 for bottle of wine and $0.75 for 2 taper candles)

Week 1 was a success!  Have you ever done a romantic dinner at home?  Share  your stories!  It’s nice to turn the usual place to eat a meal into a “restaurant” atmosphere… and costs next to nothing!


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