The Gift That Keeps On Giving

For our first anniversary, I stuck with the traditional gift of paper.  I gifted my husband with a decorated jar full of little pieces of paper.  Score, right?!  Well, inside each of the folded papers is a date.  During our first year of marriage, my husband and I just about always had a weekly date night.  We often resorted to a standard “dinner” or “movie” option.  We lacked a lot in creativity. 

Well, considering that everyone likes giving gifts that they get to use too, this was kind of a perfect idea!  He’ll get to draw one date coupon each week, and whatever is inside the paper is what we’ll do!  I’d say 90% of them are relatively inexpensive, too, which is ideal considering we try to pinch the pennies as much as possible! 

Each week I’ll post that week’s date idea, some pictures of us having fun, and a cost breakdown of what I spent out of pocket.  My goal is that this will serve as a neat memory for us a year from now, but will also show others that you don’t have to break the bank to have a memorable date with your honey.


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